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Landlords Tax Services - Insights - UK tax compliance to get more complicated for some Non-Resident Companies

UK tax compliance to get more complicated for some non-resident companies

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The content of this newsletter applies to non-UK companies holding UK investment property and which derive most or all of their UK income from the property.

With effect from April 2020 all non-resident UK property rich companies have been subject to the full UK Corporation Tax regime instead of the previous simplified Income Tax regime.

The note from HMRC reads as follows:

The accounts and Balance Sheet, as prepared under the company’s jurisdictional statute or constitution, will be required. If the taxonomy is non-UK or non-US GAAP e.g. Swiss/French/Lux/BVI then accounts are to be sent in as an untagged PDF but the computations will require iXBRL tagging. Where no formal accounts are required under the home jurisdiction, a set of management accounts with Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet should be filed.

iXBRL tagging is a hidden tag applied to key entries in a submitted document that indicates to the HMRC software for entry validation.

If you want to know how to file a UK Corporation Tax Return for your non-UK company and what documents must be filed with the Return, please contact us.

For help with this or any other taxation matter, get in touch

The information contained in this article is believed to be correct at the time of publication. The content of this article is intended to be a brief summary of the principal points of the legislation or proposed legislation only, and it is provided for general guidance only. It may not take into account subsequent changes in the law and of necessity it omits much detail. Taxation is a complicated subject and is subject to change. You should only rely on advice prepared specifically for you. Neither the writer nor Landlords Tax Services Ltd can be held liable for any loss arising from any act or omission by you as a result of your understanding of this article. If the subject matter is of interest you should contact us to see if there is a relevant update, and to take professional advice which takes into account your circumstances.

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