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The UK has some of the lowest tax rates in Europe, but one of the most complicated systems. UK residents pay tax on the profit they make from renting property. There are special rules for calculating profit. The profit is then added to other income and taxed at the individual’s highest rate.
Gains on disposal of property are taxable but if you have ever lived in the property there may be substantial reliefs available.
Let us make sure you don’t miss out on any of the allowable expenses, reliefs, allowances or exemptions.


We offer the quick and easy way through the minefield of UK tax for landlords. If you live in the UK and have any income that is not taxed or is not taxed at the right level you are obliged to tell HM Revenue and Customs about it and for most this means you will have to complete a tax return.

If you are a landlord living in the UK and receive more than £2,500 in rent in a year you have to complete a tax return. Below this you should tell HMRC who will collect any tax due through your PAYE coding if you have one. You MUST tell HMRC if you receive over £1,000 rent in a year.

If you are a landlord we offer a very quick and easy way for you to deal with your UK tax obligations. Our service is fixed fee and to see our charges click here. We deal with our clients by email and so there is no need to take time off work (or the golf-course) to visit the accountant. Unlike some, we have been operating for over fifteen years and have very long client retention.

If you own your property through a company and it was worth more than £500,000 on 1st April 2017 then you have to make ATED returns each April. If the property is not let or is not a development property you may have ATED to pay. We can create and file your ATED returns for a low fixed fee. Don’t get caught out!

We have the expertise and experience to deal with the UK tax affairs of landlords quickly and easily. To find out more about how we can help you click here.