UK property tax laws are ever-changing and with more and more people becoming landlords of properties in the UK, Landlord Tax Services Ltd have created a hassle-free service aimed at providing new or experienced landlords with an efficient system to fulfill their UK property tax liabilities.

With over 15 years’ experience in working with landlords, both UK resident and those living overseas, we have built up a client base that trusts us to provide a streamlined, fixed-fee service for the preparation and submission of their UK Income Tax Returns.

Our specialised expertise enables us to provide in-depth property taxation services, including dealing with the income from single or multiple properties, disposal of property subject to Capital Gains Tax (CGT), and Annual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED).

We have found that this clear, simple and fixed-fee service provides most clients with transparency in how much their Tax Return will cost to prepare, but for the more complicated tax situations, we are always available by phone or email to discuss additional requirements.

If required, we can work with your managing agents to receive rental income statements and if you keep the records yourself, we can provide a free record keeping template to help you record your income and expenditure. We will also monitor your account with H.M. Revenue & Customs (HMRC) from time to time throughout the year.

We also produce regular newsletters for our clients, to keep them abreast of UK tax changes which may affect their tax liabilities.

We remind clients about their upcoming tax returns so that they are filed well within HMRC’s deadlines. Clients also receive reminders when their tax payments are due.

We will provide taxation advice from time to time when asked to do so. However, we do not provide advice on what we would consider to be aggressive tax avoidance schemes. The decision as to what comprises an aggressive tax avoidance scheme shall remain ours alone. Landlords Tax Services Ltd shall not be liable for the consequences of not providing such advice.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you with filing your UK Tax Return, whether you live in the UK or overseas.